Who is this Essie Jain?

Born into a musical family, singer-songwriter Essie Jain grew up in London, where her childhood featured classical piano and cello instruction, as well as training in operatic singing. By the time she moved out of her teenage years, Essie had suspended her musical education, she shares, “I had to cut music out my life for bit to hit the re-start button. I think everyone in my family was pretty upset with me at that point, but I always knew music would end up back in my life, and it did."

“In my early twenties, I went through a really complex and difficult year personally – I found it really hard to speak to anyone about the things I was dealing with, and I needed a way to express it. That’s when music crept its way back in.”

Years later, now residing in New York, Essie Jain made her recorded debut with the glacial delights of We Made This Ourselves, an album which expressed a quiet and powerful minimalism. Originally released in 2007, the album’s delicate and painfully honest chamber-folk, detailed a wrought and failing relationship, and a disintegrating emotional self that put Essie on the musical map.  Jain followed up her debut with The Inbetween in 2008, which garnered a ‘Rising Artist’ stamp of approval from the influential British magazine Mojo, among other plaudits. In 2011 Jain returned with a collection of original lullabies, Until the Light of Morning, which was widely lauded receiving praise from Pitchfork, as well as BBC Music, "to a baby it might well point the way to the Land of Nod; to an adult, it'll shut out the world for a brief spell." 

Her fourth album, out June 28th 2013, is a new chapter for Essie Jain. Titled All Became Golden, the audiovisual project is the creative vision of Jain and filmmaker Natalie Johns (Dig For Fire, La Blogoteque). It was recorded and filmed live over two days at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music in New York City in February 2012. With music arranged by the critically acclaimed composer Nico Muhly, (Two Boys, Bjork, Anthony & The Johnsons) it was performed by musicians from the New York contemporary classical scene including Nadia Sirota, Caleb Burhans and Rob Moose, along with a guest appearance on guitar from Larry Campbell of The Levon Helm band. The album features 9 tracks penned by Jain and arranged by Muhly and includes a cover of Dire Straits "Why Worry". Of the project Johns shares, "No one has ever made a record like this and in this way, it was a collaboration between Essie, Nico and myself and result is innovative and modern and honest." Muhly on the other hand found the filming to be fascinating saying, "I really liked the idea of doing it live in front of cameras, because you can see there's no trick to making music like this happen". 

Essie currently lives in New York with her husband, musician and collaborator Patrick Glynn. 

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28th Feb - Performing with Orchestra of St Lukes + Film Premier At DiMenna Center for Classical Music.
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Essie Jain, All Became Golden - Trailer from Essie Jain on Vimeo.